Changelog 1.3

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Changelog 1.3

wintermaul 1.3

We’re working on the new relase of WOR. Thanks for all ur feedback, we know the issue with frost attacks and will be fixed on 1.3.

This bug is caused by our tools and newest patch of blizzard.

  • Tooltips updated.
  • Little code cleaning.
  • Fixed bug frost attacks, now frost apply properly.

Police Race

  • Hotkeys position fixed.
  • Police race was included in random algorithm.
  • Police Chopper
    • Damage decreased from 4000 to 2400.
    • Stun duration reduced from 0,1 to 0,01.
  • SWAT Officer
    • Police Bravery : Reduced range from 900 to 700 and attack speed from 30% to 20%.

Write ur comments to help us! What do you want to see in 1.3?

10 Responses

  1. Yao says:

    I would like to see troll races changed or buffed they are very bland and boring

    • Wintermaul says:

      Accepted, any suggest on troll? Like effects, abilities…

      • Yao says:

        Im not sure you could use the troll warlord from dota where he can change from ranged to melee anytime and make the troll towers do the same. Like melee form they do more dmg but are melee

  2. Northstrider says:

    Hey, I would like some overall balance changes to support more maze building styles. building this cross mazes feels kinda boring cuz it forces me to play strictly like this rather than allowing me to create new combinations. The human army builder (forgot his name) for is pretty awesome in this regard. Cuz his early towers are cheap and nice.

  3. abc says:

    Page not found :C

  4. Andrew Wilson says:

    Here’s my opinion/suggestion I would like to see for next version of Wintermaul One: Revolution.

    New Race: Salamander Lizard Builder/w icon that can have ranged and fire-bolt attacks. Similar to the combination of Demon King, Alpha Wolf, or Murgul Cliff-runner races. The idea is this: Tier 1 = Red colour = baby salamander = 10g/600 range = chaos attack/heavy armor. Tier 2 = Blue medium-size storm salamander = 50g/600 range with frost attack/chaos attack/heavy armor. Tier 3 = big Green storm wyrm = 200g/600 range with chaos attack/multi-shot/heavy armor =. Tier 4 Ultimate = Big Dark Salamander = 500g/1000 range with chaos attack/cleave/heavy armor.

    This is just an IDEA. All i’m saying is to have a race like this for people to use & play. Make it OP race for a matter of weeks until the next version of WOR is released to upon this race being nerfed down.

  5. DelltacoGuy says:

    Hey i cant seem to choose a “mode” or is there only 30 waves?

  6. Shockfist says:

    Not sure how realistic this could be, but I wish there was instead of a sell option, an upgrade option to the other tier buildings within the races. Its just so cumbersome to be selling 6 towers and trying to rebuild them asap before the waves hit. I like to maze with smaller towers and slowly upgrade them, but its so hard

  7. Squeaky says:

    Does this map work on Warcraft III TFT v1.31.1? I tried hosting a LAN game using a 3rd party program but the lobby instantly closes when my friend joins. We both have the same map in the Maps folder.

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