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changelog 1.5

Changelog 1.5

Builders New race Arcanum Use the power of Ley's ancient mana. Every tower of your maze uses it. If your tower doesn't have mana, can't attack. Try to give a lot of mana and place generators with good strategy. More mana = more damage. HARD. Arcane Spellshoot This tower cast Ice lance spell, the base damage…
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Changelog 1.4

Hi folks, it's been a long time since I've made updates to the game due to work. I came back with a lot of desire to make changes to the map seeing that little by little Reforged is starting to be a good game. I will be updating regularly, but I will need your feedback.…
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Working on Reforged Version right now!

Hello friends, We are currently developing the new version of the map in Warcraft 3: Reforged. At the moment the previous map in vanilla some players informed us that it is currently working with small bugs, which will be corrected. Now, we need our my precious players, We will work hard to give the best version…
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warcraft 3 reforged

Wintermaul One will be prepared for Reforged

Hi my players, Wintermaul One Revamped will be ready for next release of Blizzard – WarCraft III : Reforged. This a new opportunity for make a better game with the new WC3 editor tools. More information -> Soon! Comment here, what do you want to see on this! Bye.

wintermaul 1.3

Changelog 1.3

We're working on the new relase of WOR. Thanks for all ur feedback, we know the issue with frost attacks and will be fixed on 1.3. This bug is caused by our tools and newest patch of blizzard. General Tooltips updated. Little code cleaning. Fixed bug frost attacks, now frost apply properly. Races Police Race…
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changelog 1.2 wintermaul one

Changelog 1.2

General Tooltips updated. Little code cleaning. Races New race: Police race: The Police are a force of cops that maintain law and order. They can even be hired to do odd jobs like defending against Duke Wintermaul's forces... if you pay them some gold. Alpha Wolf Stray Wolf Increased gold cost from 6 to 9.…
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changelog wintermaul one revolution

Changelog 1.1

General Now only player red can use -light command. Hints are desactive by default. Player red can active it with command -hints on and desactive with -hints off. Sounds have now a delay protection of 5 seconds, if you spam it , never complete the 5 seconds, let it. Removed default camarera smooth factor, now…
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