Wintermaul One will be prepared for Reforged

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Wintermaul One will be prepared for Reforged

warcraft 3 reforged

Hi my players,

Wintermaul One Revamped will be ready for next release of Blizzard – WarCraft III : Reforged.

This a new opportunity for make a better game with the new WC3 editor tools.

More information -> Soon!

Comment here, what do you want to see on this!


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  1. Tim says:

    Just got into Warcraft 3 from the streamer Sodapoppin. He plays this mod all the time on stream. Keep up the good work. Great mod!

  2. lurk says:

    Good work. But for next releases please put a release date in the dash picture, as there are so many verions of Wintermaul One around and people don’t know which is recent.

  3. Jordian says:

    I’ll be honest the only thing I care about is balance. I’m not too fond of the current balance in the game and that’s really all I would want to be better. Damn I would do it myself if i could lol.

  4. olafwefson2²20 says:

    i fucking love this, played it alot when i was younger and on LAN partys, love that they release refored and hope all the old mods from wc3 will come aswell, especially wintermaul 😀

  5. olafwefson says:

    fucking love this, keep it up in refored

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