¡Enjoy your favorite classic Warcraft 3 TD map!

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The best Wintermaul One ever made!

Wintermaul One is a classic TD map with solo maze, enjoy the game with many customization options, many races, modes, difficulties and secrets. More features will be added for each patch. Be aware! This map works with latest version in Warcraft 3 : Reforged

49 Races

Survive the enemy waves in the funniest way. You can play with 49 different races with their respective difficulties and adapt the game style to your way.

40 Waves

Survive 40 waves of enemies that will increase their difficulty for each one that passes. Think your moves well each round because the money is limited!

6+ Modes & Difficulties

Enjoy the map with different game modes like all random, all random double, all the same constructor, all pick, all pick double, infinite waves and a lot of difficulties.

Wintermaul Screenshots

See below our Screenshots made in game, you’ll see fantastic captures with nice configurations, send your screenshots for add them!

Latest Wintermaul News

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changelog 1.5

Changelog 1.5

Builders New race Arcanum Use the power of Ley's ancient mana. Every tower of your maze uses it. If your tower doesn't have mana, can't attack. Try to give a lot[…] Read more

Changelog 1.4

Hi folks, it's been a long time since I've made updates to the game due to work. I came back with a lot of desire to make changes to the[…] Read more

Working on Reforged Version right now!

Hello friends, We are currently developing the new version of the map in Warcraft 3: Reforged. At the moment the previous map in vanilla some players informed us that it[…]

Read more

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